Friday, December 19, 2008

Quick update

To everyone who has been emailing me, Im so sorry I've not updated!! My husband was hit by a drunk driver on the way into work the night of the 16th and my car was completely destroyed. He was lucky, he's doing fine but it really shook me up pretty badly and I haven't had time to respond to everyone (or update this) I'll be back asap!! Merry Christmas and hug your loved ones!!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

December Daily - 2nd

Including part of the completed album from day one and day to view larger :)

The cover, first two pages. I have yet to print and add one more photo of Xander and his wish list (the pic from yesterday)

And photos from December 2nd.

Christmas cards round one..

Noah enjoying a piece of nestle tollhouse pie after a long day at school. These pies by the way, are so sinful yet so easy to make. I made two, one for us and one for Luciano's for always being so helpful to us :) Ours is gone already. And by the way, i DO NOT bake and I can make these.

And tonight we rented A Christmas Story for our "family movie night" Yes it's on the 24th for 24 hours but who wants to wait until then?!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

December Daily - 1st

Since Im participating in Ali Edwards "december daily" I thought I'd blog a bit about each day as I plan on scrapping it.

Yesterday highlights (and lowlights) were Xander writing his first letter to santa. Geez I hope he comes through and brings him the Lego Agents "jail thing" he wants soooo bad.

We had to go to Walmart (ugh)for our bi-monthly grocery trip. I dread this. Really, because we have two full carts and sometimes more. It was a nightmare. I'll leave it at that. But we only spent 310.00 - that was a good week!

And here is one little holiday "display" in our entryway, still in progress. I have three more boxes of goodies to put out.