Monday, August 18, 2008

In a few days...

We'll be on here flying from Rochester-Atlanta-Orlando

to go here...

And stay here for 8 nights

Be back on sept. 1st!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, August 11, 2008

last weekend

this past weekend we had my husband's father and his wife up to visit. They hadn't been up since I got my new dining room table, my bailey console table from pottery barn (I love that thing!!) and our basement "finished" -- carpeted, walls, ceiling, etc. So, things seemed a bit newer around here. Which is always nice. They all went out golfing and over to the lake which is 5-10 minutes from here. My husband got some nice pictures of the kids and that night we had a weenie roast. I never realized how much laughter that word can generate. My 12 yr old daughter was cracking up whenever anyone said "weenie" which in turn made everyone else erupt into laughter. She's not at all like that, she's a straight-laced, sort of aloof kind of kid. To see her like that was really great. :)

And here's some of my other favorites from yet another summer weekend gone...already.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

This girl loves webkinz

She's almost 13 and she loves these silly things. So does the littlest. The middle does not. he cannot be bothered with such trite and girly things. :)

In other boring news..I have what my ortho figures, 5 mos left in my braces. I still need to get implants asap but my lovely dentist is in training to put them in so I may wait until he's done with that because I really like him, trust him, etc. Which will be in march. Until then, we have an extra 6 grand sitting in our fsa account which will promptly disappear on Dec. 31st unless we find some use for it...anyone need any medical procedure? I told Justy to get lasik surgery with it. I am totally wigged out by the thought of it so nope for me.