Tuesday, April 8, 2008


my teeth, omg, Im so sick of elastics. I've worn kangaroo, road runner, parrot and the new ones as of yesterday? Moose. I asked why they are named after animals, lol, I still don't know. I swear Im in more pain today than I was the day after I had my braces put on. Coffee will be my friend today.. So anyway, these are the braces I have http://www.damonbraces.com/ they LIE, lie when they say there is less pain!!! Just thought I'd put that out there. ;) That being said, I love my orthodontist totally. This is where I go - http://www.cfsbraces.com/ Dr John is who I see, he's very interested in my case and I find that, um, flattering I guess? Who knew I was so unique :)

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