Monday, June 9, 2008

All weekend it was very very warm, in the 90's. So we took advantage of that and did some swimming in the pool, went for ice cream and you know, did summery things..


This is gross, I know, his phlem mouth, ick. That poor kid has inherited my allergies and he hasn't quite gotten the "spit it out!" part yet. Probably tmi but still pretty funny in that he IS a typical boy!!


And all was well until he got a little too close to the edge and fell in head first, backwards. He loves swimmng, he loves jumping in but not when it's an accidental thing. He was finished for the day.


Hope ya'll had a good weekend too.


luluvillage said...

your babies are so adorable!!

You got the fairy cards- congratulations! Please let me know where to send them, and thanks for stopping by my little shop,

gina said...

Yup, swimmin', grillin', shoppin' and eatin' out for us all weekend too. I *heart* summer! :)

Michelle said...

thanks for your comment about the SAHM book!

He sure doesn't look happy that he fell in the pool!