Saturday, June 7, 2008

it's so soupy out today. And the boys had soccer. The 4 yr olds just could not tolerate the heat so they ended early. I sat under a shady tree (..breaks out singing laurie berkner "under a shady tree you and me") and watched the big kids while Justy helped the little ones. Kaylie wandered around back and forth, miserable from the heat and not wanting to be there. Noah's team won again, he's totally into it, very aggressive and the kid was just plain worn out after an hour and half of hard running in 90 degree weather.



Here's a page I did that Im just loving. Not the design, not the paper or glitter bird I hand cut, just the journalling and what it means to me. I love them both so so much, I love what they share, i love that they bicker like sisters but then kiss and make up just the same. I love that they've been friends for 8 years and I know they will make it, i know they will last through anything and never let a man come between them, or time, or distance. You can just see it in their eyes when they laugh together. It's so wonderful and pure and Im so grateful we moved up here so they could meet, fate it seems and I feel that way about meeting Tim and even Cristi too. And for that matter, Heidi. Now that is definite fate and I can't explain it any other way. The chances of that random occurance in that place are just one in a gazillion yet it happened and I love her like a sister too. But anyway, rambling on. Here's the layout..


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