Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Getting back into the groove of things

It's taken me awhile to update. We arrived back home after an amazing trip and the kids started school 2 days later. It seems like a whirlwind lately, the days running into each other and here we are halfway thru Sept. already. We have Noah's school's open house tomorrow night and so far he's having a great year. *crosses fingers it continues* He once again got elected to the Student Council and loves his teacher.

We had a massive power outage due to Ike. I say massive and I mean for around these parts. There was no school. We went without electricity for almost a day. I had an orthodontist appt that morning so the kids all went and Im going in next time for my finishing archwire, they call it. YES! it's been two years in January so Im ready for them to be off.

I'll finish with some of my favorite photos of the trip.


Beeb said...

Cute pics, looks like a great trip!!

Thanks for stopping by my blog, and entering my giveaway! Aren't coupons great? I started using them in February, and have been astonished by how much I have saved.

Good luck in week one's giveaway, I hope you stop by and enter next week's giveaway, too! :)


Heather said...

Hi there. Thanks for entering my contest @ The Gift Closet. I like your blog...we are huge Disney fans, went there this year for the 1st time. My daughter got the same Pirate Minnnie Mouse Ears! Anyway, thanks for stopping by The Gift Closet! :)