Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Today has not been a good day. this illness that has gone through my entire family. But at least my husband and I went to lunch, hit the farmer's market. I picked up some cherry tomatoes and salt potatoes, and Xander got a baby pumpkin. (and a hot dog at the hot dog stand there, lol)

I just feel ick. Im sick of feeling ick. That sounds like a dr seuss book eh? Tired, really tired physically, unable to concentrate. I think the fact that the middle boy is being LOUD at the moment making some animalistic sounds to the littlest. Boys. Love em to death but they aren't the quietest creatures.

My hubby is making dinner but I honestly feel like going to bed and sleeping the ick off. Tomorrow we head to nana's house for xan's birthday. Five flippin' years old. Oh my.

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